ROS Upgrade

NOTICE: The NIA ROS is being upgraded to make it more secure and modern, and easier to use. With these changes and to comply with security requirements, all users will need to set up new accounts in the new ROS.

The new ROS requires a unique email address for each account and only one account can use that unique email. However, order notifications can be sent to additional email addresses specified by the account user, so a single email can continue to receive notifications from multiple accounts. As it is with the current system, each account can have multiple “Ship To” addresses, so one account can service many PIs.

There will be a two week period, July 21 – August 1, when the new ROS is available only to set up new accounts while orders are still placed in the current ROS. This overlap will allow users with many PI “Ship To” addresses to have time to copy them. The new ROS will then open for order submission starting August 4, 2014. Do not submit orders through the new ROS until August 4. As of August 4, the old ROS will no longer be available for order submission. To set up your new ROS account:

  1. Go to and enter the information needed to create the account. Please use a unique email address for each account you create.
  2. Include account email addresses for everyone else who should be notified about orders from that account under “notification email addresses.” Specific individual notification email addresses can also be added at the time of ordering.
  3. Copy any “Ship To” addresses from the old system to the new address book.

If you encounter any problems, please contact the order desk at and be sure to put the phrase ‘new ROS query’ in the subject line.